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Brenda Hunt is a Registered Clinical Counsellor (RCC) through the BC Association of Clinical Counsellors (BCCAC).

“Life is a journey with many ups and downs and sometimes we may feel like we are in a place where we are stuck and feel alone. Sometimes we may just need support in a big decision that we are facing. It can be an extremely difficult place to be when we feel vulnerable and need to reach out for help. Whether you are dealing with the overwhelming stressors and pressures of daily life, parenting or relationship challenges, grief or loss of something or someone important in our lives, I can be there to support and navigate you through this part of your journey in a supportive and non-judgemental environment. I believe in building a relationship that is built on respect, trust, collaboration and understanding. The pace of each session will be determined by you. I believe in helping you rediscover your strengths and your hopes in the areas of your life that you may feel have been temporarily lost.

I have always been drawn to working with children, youth and families and began a bachelor degree in Child and Youth Care, that was well focused on development from infancy through young adulthood. I had the opportunity to support, advocate and build relationships with children and youth who were experiencing behavioral, emotional and social difficulties within the school setting. I was inspired by a lot of great school counsellors to complete my Masters of Education in Counselling Psychology at Simon Fraser University in 2002.

My career has led me into many of different directions professionally but no matter which directions I have travelled, I continue to be touched by my work with children, youth and their families. I was fortunate to work along side of talented Speech, Occupational and Physio Therapists on a multidisciplinary team as an Infant Development Consultant in California. I had so learned about the grief and loss and the stress that parents experience when their child has a special need or medical diagnosis.

For the past 14 years, I have been working with adoptive parents and children. In my role with the privilege of supporting parents and caregivers whose children were experiencing a developmental delay or had been diagnosed with a special medical need. I not only learned how to best support children’s developmental needs but I alinistry of Children and Families, I have worked with children who have experienced disruptions in caregivers, multiple placements, grief and loss, trauma, abuse and neglect. I spent time building relationships with prospective and adoptive parents. I supported and educated parents about attachment and special needs parenting. My work has included preparing children for their adoption transition and providing post adoption support once in the adoptive home. It is important to give adoptive parents the tools to build and strengthen attachment with their child. With the adoptive child, I use different methods including play as well as writing narratives scripts to help a child understand their adoption journey. Adoptive parents may feel that their parenting journey is “unique” and has different needs than typical parenting. I hope to support you through whichever journey you may be facing.

I have my own personal experience with special needs parenting as one of my four children was diagnosed with Autism at the age of 18 months. It was a very difficult time on our family, particularly for my husband and I but also our other 3 children. There were feelings of grief and loss, panic and worry. I have navigated the services and supports here in Langley since our son’s diagnosis in 2011 and can provide direction and understanding if feeling overwhelmed. As a helping professional and mother of a special needs child, I feel passionate about supporting special needs parents/caregivers, their child and their siblings.

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