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Abuse and trauma counselling is an evidence-based approach to helping individuals process the pain of past abuse, whether it be physical, sexual, emotional, or psychological. It can provide helpful strategies for managing symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) such as nightmares, intrusive thoughts, flashbacks and avoidance behaviour.

Types of Abuse Counselling Can Address

  1. Domestic violence
  2. Sexual assault or harassment
  3. Emotional or psychological maltreatment
  4. Verbal abuse
  5. Bullying or Cyberbullying
  6. Neglect

No matter how much time has passed since the abuse occurred, counselling can help people heal their wounds by providing them with a safe space to discuss their feelings and experiences openly and honestly; learning new coping strategies; developing greater self-awareness; and reconnecting with their true selves in meaningful ways.

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