Starting therapy is a huge step regardless of whether you have tried it in the past. It is embarking on a relationship with another person that is 100% about you and that can be scary for anyone. People seek counselling because they are not getting their needs met in life and want the help of a professional to empower them to get their needs met.

Your role as the client is to bring up whatever is on your mind. It does not have to fit together before you say it. The Counsellor’s role is to help you explore. You will discover things about yourself that you did not know before. As we talk, your feelings will change, and that will allow you to figure out new solutions to the problems you are facing.

There are so many different models of therapy and therapists and finding the right model and therapist is the key to getting the results you want. At No Fear Counselling we are commited to helping you find the right fit with one of our many therapists.

People act out in ways that are not ideal because it is the best way they have learned to reduce their anxiety and pain. At No Fear Counselling, we introduce new ways of coping with anxiety and pain which results in a decrease in self-defeating behaviour. 

Typically, you may begin to see a benefit in as little as 3 sessions. That said, every client is different and the best indicator of success is the willingness of the client and therapist to dive into the clients experience. We will go at a pace that you dictate because you are the driver of your own therapy and your comfort is our priority.

Yes. Everything you talk in therapy will remain completely confidential, and will not be released without your written consent.

There are three limits to confidentiality, that you will be made aware of on your first session. If there is a potential for a breach and they are:

  1. Suspected child or elder abuse
  2. An imminent risk of suicide or homicide
  3. A court order has been made to subpoena your files

These limits to confidentiality are here for your protection, and we will exercise them in accordance with BCACC guidelines.

Please see our consent form for more details. 

We accept most extended medical plans. Additionally, you may be covered by ICBC, The Crime Victims Assistance Program (CVAP), Employee Assistance Program (EAP) and many others. See our rates section for more information. 

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