Group Counselling

What is Group Counselling?

Group counseling is a therapeutic approach that brings together individuals facing similar challenges or concerns in a supportive and confidential setting. In this collaborative setting, a trained mental health professional facilitates the group, fostering an environment where participants can openly express themselves, share experiences, and receive feedback from both the facilitator and their peers.

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How it works

Formation of group
Formation of the group

This session is focused on people that are feeling low in their life and want to be more grateful with their lives.

Facilitator's Role

A skilled facilitator, often a licensed therapist or counselor, guides the group sessions. The facilitator creates a safe and confidential space.

Structured Sessions

Group sessions are structured and may include a combination of check-ins, themed discussions, and interactive activities.

Feedback and Support

Members offer constructive feedback and support to one another. This can include sharing coping strategies.

Goal Setting

Participants collaboratively set personal goals and milestones. The group provides a supportive platform for monitoring progress.


Group counseling typically has a defined duration, and closure sessions are conducted to reflect on the journey and plan for ongoing support.

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    Kintsugi art workshop

    Port Coquitlam

    1 PM - 4PM

    March 10


    20 Members

    Topics Covered: Trauma or emotional/psychological experiences

    Kintsugi – art of golden rejoining. Participants come together for an afternoon to break bowls and put them back together using gold and epoxy. Kintsugi can be analogous to the things that have broken or cracked us as individuals. Bowls represent the person and trauma, life, or negative experiences are the things that can cause damage to us IE – the cracks in our bowls. The golden rejoining is the healing that happens. In the repair, we find “Wabi Sabi” or find beauty in the imperfect. Our new perspective can be – even though we’ve experienced things from our past that may have broken us – we are stronger, more resilient, more beautiful as a result. Participants will be left with the experience of kintsugi and wabi sabi and leave with their own bowls and other materials along with new perspectives and ways of being