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Kainaz Cowasjee

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When life “throws us curve balls”, sometimes it may seem that all hope is lost, but you are not alone! My purpose is to help you maneuver the difficulties surrounding you. Your difficulties or that of your loved ones may manifest as anxiety, depression, hopelessness, self-harm, family conflict or relationship problems. Regardless of the struggles you may be facing, it is important to have support, make new relationships and create new meanings. You can embrace the future with new possibilities and beginnings, and live your best life.

I am a Registered Clinical Counsellor (RCC) through the BC Associations of Clinical Counsellors (BCACC) and I completed my Master Degree in Counselling from University of Victoria. Prior to obtaining my masters degree, I worked in a variety of settings including The Ministry for Children and Families, and in the Vancouver/ Surrey School Board systems.

As an attachment and trauma informed therapist who believes that the family is the first source of support for their child, I understand that children’s emotional problems can sometimes be the result of an unresolved traumatic experience. When a child or adolescent feels intensely threatened and powerless regarding an event they have experienced or witnessed, a traumatic event has occurred. Although trauma affects everyone differently, children, especially young children are more vulnerable to the effects of trauma due to their developing brains. Regardless of whether you want your child to be less worried, deal with their anger, manage their emotions and their behaviour both at home and at school, to be able to ask for help, to be more confident, to be able to make friends, or simply to feel better about themselves, help is available by way of counselling.

As a parent of a teenager, I also understand both the rewards and challenges of raising children. By utilizing strength-based and client centered models including CBT, DBT, AEDP, EFFT, Satir and play therpay, I strive to meet my clients where they’re at and provide safe, non-judgmental and supportive counselling environments where all family members are able to build on their strengths. The decision to ask for help is not always an easy one and in fact it takes great courage. I look forward to helping you guide your child and family towards their full potential.

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