Low Cost Affordable Counselling Therapy

For some people, the regular rate of therapy, or even sliding scale, may not be an option. We understand that not everyone is working, and even some that are working do not have extended health\medical coverage. We do not want that to deter people from getting help at No Fear Counselling. Below are some options that may work for you:

Intern Counsellors

If you are struggling to finance your counselling therapy, we have currently two counselling interns that have completed their masters degrees and practicums but that are still new in the field at a rate of $80 per session. Alyssa and Jaclyn both completed their practicums at No Fear Counselling and are now intern counsellors. Please see Alyssa’s profile by clicking here.

Practicum Students

We also have practicum students under experienced supervisisors at a rate of a suggested $40 per session. We would look at subsidizing this further depending on your life situation (student, low income, retired, addiction, transition, disability, single parent, children and youth, etc.).

Current practicum interns include: Avital, and Dmytri.

There may be a wait-list for this program, but we will do our best to get you in to see a counsellor right away.

If you are struggling to make even the $40 rate, and still need the support, please 778-288-8361 and discuss your situation. We will not turn anyone in need away and for some that may mean no cost during your difficult life situation.

Outside Low Cost or Free Resources in the Lower Mainland

UBC Psychology Clinic | 604-822-3005 | http://clinic.psych.ubc.ca
Counselling services provided by doctoral student interns, supervised by registered psychologists.

Scarfe Counselling – UBC | 604-827-1523 | http://ecps.educ.ubc.ca/cnps/scarfe-counselling-clinic
Free. Counselling provided by counselling psychology graduate students, supervised by a psychologist. Clinic runs from September to April.

ProChoices Community Therapy Clinic | http://prochoices.ca
By-donation ($20.00 min) feminist counselling services provided by supervised masters-level and intern narrative therapists.

Oak Counselling | 604-266-5611 | http://oakcounselling.org
Reduced fee, Individual, couples and family counselling. Secular counselling services provided at the Vancouver Unitarian Centre by supervised volunteers with Masters degrees in psychology or psychology-related fields.

Adler Centre – Counselling Clinic | 604-742-1818 | http://www.adlercentre.ca/clinic.html
Sliding scale individual and couples counselling. Counselling provided by counselling psychology graduate students at the Adler Centre, supervised by an experienced clinician.

Family Services of Greater Vancouver | 604-874-2938 | www.fsgv.ca/find-the-support-you-need/counselling/
Counselling fees based on household income. Masters-level therapists. Offices are in Vancouver, Richmond, Burnaby, New Westminster and Surrey.

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