As local counselling therapists, we are actively involved in the community, which helps us to better understand and connect with the people and culture of Vancouver. By participating in community events and engaging with local organizations, we are able to gain a deeper understanding of the challenges and needs of the people we serve.

Business of the Year

2018 Burnaby Business Excellence Award Finalist nomination for “Business of the Year (under 50 employees) to No Fear Counselling presented by Burnaby Mayor Derek Corrigan to Ofir Vaisman, Clinical Director of No Fear Counselling at the Burnaby Business Hall of Fame Induction Luncheon on October 2nd at the Hilton Vancouver Metrotown Hotel.

Burnaby Business Excellence Awards – Businessperson of the Year – Ofir Vaisman – No Fear Counselling

Burnaby Business Excellence Awards – Business of the Year – No Fear Counselling

Burnaby Business Excellence Awards – Burnaby Community Spirit – No Fear Counselling

Sher Vancouver is pleased to announce that it has launched a pilot project in partnership with No Fear Counselling.

Sher Vancouver is pleased to announce that it has launched a pilot project in partnership with No Fear Counselling. No Fear Counselling has generously agreed to donate 100 sessions or $12,000 worth of counselling every year to members of Sher Vancouver who identify as LGBTQ and are in crisis or distress.
No Fear Counselling has nearly 30 Masters Level Counsellors who are experienced psychologists, social workers, and registered clinical counsellors. Counselling can be provided in nearly 15 different languages in multiple offices distributed throughout Metro Vancouver.

”Sher Vancouver’s, and more specifically, Alex Sangha’s passion and coming-out story moved me to want to make a difference in one of the most, if not, the most vulnerable segments of our society. At No Fear Counselling, our mission is to improve society, through empowering individuals to stand up, be courageous, and do so, with or without fear. I cannot think of a better cause or partnership to make that happen than connecting with Sher Vancouver and offering support to it’s members and the LGBTQ individuals they provide critical support to,” states Ofir Vaisman who is the Clinical Director of No Fear Counselling.

“Sher Vancouver is grateful to Ofir and No Fear Counselling for their support. Everything is possible if we work together. Sher Vancouver is a grassroots non-profit organization and has very limited funds to carry out its mission and mandate and activities. The support of people like Ofir is a reminder that there are caring, compassionate, and giving people in this world,” states Alex Sangha who is the Founder of Sher Vancouver.

To access free counselling through the Courage Fund please email requesting a referral to No Fear Counselling.

In this video expert Ofir discusses how he creates a safe place for clients within the counselling environment.

Parenting dynamics with children with Ofir Vaisman and Rob Miles (No Fear Counselling) on AsianPulse.

Cultural Counselling therapy with Ariel Yu and Ofir Vaisman from No Fear Counselling AsianPulse tv.