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Nada Bani

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I am Master Professional Clinical Counsellor and earned my degree in Europe. I strive to maintain and upgrade my knowledge and professional credibility. I am recently involved in extensive advanced training of somatic experience therapy and I maintain professional affiliation with Canadian Professional Counsellors Association.

In my long career of working with people I have learned that counselling could be frightening to many people and might keep them away to change their lives. Counselling is a process of growth and growing could be painful as it can bring up some painful emotions. My job as a counsellor is to support people to soar through their old wounds and unresolved issues and find out who they really are and begin to enjoy their life. I support them to access their inner resources in a warm safe environment, where is no place for criticism or judgement. I listen carefully with all my empathy and respect to understand individual’s unique challenges and help them identify their patterns that have negative impact in his/her life. I help people finding acceptance, better harmony with themselves, access hope and discover more possibilities for a positive change.

In my long years of work with individuals, youth and families I have employed variety of creative modalities and adapting them to person’s specific needs. I am specializing in treating depression, anxiety, grief and PTSD, and I also enjoy working with control issues with teens and adults as well as conflict situations in the relationships.

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