The Combined Forces Special Enforcement Unit BC (CFSEU)

The Combined Forces Special Enforcement Unit BC’s (CFSEU) Gang Intervention Team provides gang intervention support across British Columbia. They work with high risk individuals who are either engaged or at-risk of engaging in gang activities. The team conducts outreach and works with those involved in the gang lifestyle and uses tactics to disrupt criminal behaviour.

Through a case management approach, CFSEU’s Gang Exiting and Outreach Program provides exiting supports to adult gang members 18 years and older, while also providing outreach and supports to the gang members’ family, friends, and communities to support gang education, prevention, and exiting success in the Metro Vancouver region. Various intervention tools such as therapy and counselling help to discourage individuals from further engaging in gang activities and to encourage exiting the gang lifestyle.

The Combined Forces Special Enforcement Unit BC has many interested and active community partners who work with police in British Columbia. CFSEU  actively supports and works directly with a number of community organizations to address the many underlining issues which are at the heart of many gang-related crime issues which exist today.

At No Fear Counselling, our team supports those enrolled in the CFSEU’s Gang Exiting and Outreach Program and helps to work through underlying issues related to gang life such as trauma, mental health difficulties, addiction and violence.

If you or  someone you know is at risk or involved in gangs or drug trafficking, there is help available. 
Get in touch with CFSEU-BC’s Gang Intervention Team for support.

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