Xavier Williams

(Rogers Building)

Xavier takes an existential-phenomenological view when working with clients—which means that he seeks to be open to whatever issues clients bring to sessions, without judgement or applying his interpretation. Xavier and his clients enter into a conversation

that examines experiences, emotions, and thoughts, from which clients can make decisions that enable them to respond and react to life and its challenges. Issues are treated according to clients’ experiences, using a variety of techniques. The approach is always personalized and always within your control. Consider Xavier a guide, rather than a guru.

Xavier strives to be a kind, compassionate, and thoughtful listener; he is curious about and interested in people; and possess a genuine desire to help others. Xavier holds a master’s degree in counselling psychology from Adler University and is in the process of completing a graduate diploma in existential counselling from Austrian-based GLE International—Society for Logotherapy and Existential Analysis. Though currently living in Canada, Xavier has previously worked and studied in South Africa (Cape Town) and the United Kingdom (London). Before deciding to become a counsellor, Xavier worked in corporate environments in the legal and human rights fields.

Xavier also offers services in French.

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