Relationship Concerns

Couples and Family

Patterns of communication and unresolved conflict.

Relationship counselling is an evidence-based approach to healing and strengthening relationships. It can help partners explore emotions, understand each other better, increase communication skills, rediscover shared experiences and connections, manage expectations, and ultimately rebuild the relationship. Through this process of growth, partners gain insight into their individual emotions and learn how they are impacted by their interactions with one another.

Benefits of Relationship Counselling

  1. They can develop a deeper understanding of each other’s needs.
  2. They learn how to de-escalate arguments more effectively.
  3. They acquire tools for resolving conflicts in a healthy manner.
  4. They strengthen their ability to express themselves openly and honestly with one another.
  5. They become more attuned to each other’s feelings and perspectives on issues.

No Fear Counselling offers relationship counselling in the greater Vancouver area. Many of our therapists are trained in EFT (Emotionally Focused Therapy) and other forms of couple counselling. We also have therapists specifically trained in working with same-sex or LGBTQ+ relationship concerns.

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